American Wasteland is your first choice for a Fallout themed Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing Community, from the New California Republic to the Capital Wasteland.
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 Megaton ( Hub )

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Megaton can be found in the Capital Wasteland, near Vault 101 and Springvale. The fortified town finds it's roots in the former rejects of Vault 101 and vagabond travelers.

Bar's & Taverns

Moriarty's Saloon -
A saloon resting on top of Megaton's inner walls, Moriarty's saloon is owned and operated by Colin Moriarty. The bar is spacious, if rusty. A few hookers work for Moriarty in addition to a handful of bartenders. The Saloon rents four rooms out, with or without a lady of the night.

The Brass Lantern -

The Dusty Mole Rat -

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Megaton ( Hub )
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